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Stories or references to times in the lives of our ancestors

Famous Riders-James Holt Haslam

Famous Riders-James Holt Haslam

This record was found among some of the letters from my grandmother Pearl Haslam Redford. James Holt Haslam was her grandfather. One of these was the renowned “Pony Bob” (Robert H. Haslam) of the...

Karl Helm 0

Karl Helm

MY FATHER KARL HELM by Martha Helm Salway In 1965 my cousin Fred Helm and his wife were house cleaning and accidentally knocked down the picture of his father and mother. The frame and...


Martha Helm Salway

SALWAY — Martha Magdelena Salway passed away at the Bethany Care Centre on March 1, 2000, at the age of 90 years. She will be lovingly remembered by her daughter Millicent Redford of Eugene,...

John Ephraim Redford 0

John Ephraim Redford

It is now February 24, 1936. I,  John E. Redford, am the only child of John Redford and Eleanor Caroline Kington. I was born January 25, 1866 at Wellsville Cache Co., Utah. my father...

History of Owen and Pearl 0

History of Owen and Pearl

A history of Owen L. and Pearl Haslam Redford, written by myself, Pearl H. Redford: I don’t know too much about Owen’s early life, so I will start with my own. I was really...