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Alfred Edward Salway By Eva Mary Rowe Salway
Alfred Edward Salway

Alfred Edward Salway was born 4 November 1880 at Plympton Devonshire England. His mother was Sarah Holman of Cornwall, his father Edward Salway of Devonshire. At an early age he traveled in a sailing ship to Jersey Channel Islands with his family, it took two days for the trip. His father was a Head Gardener on a large estate. He had a large garden of his own, and would put his sons to work in it. One day he told Alfred to cut the dead wood from the rose bushes, this scratched the boys hands very much. He left this job and apprenticed himself to a barber. A major of the army took a fancy to him, and engaged him as a valet. He traveled to England with the major. After a while, the major retired and Alfred returned to Jersey, but he soon went back to barbering again. He accepted a job in Guernsey, and there meet Eva Mary Rowe who became his wife and they moved to Southampton. They had six children and he joined the army and went to war the 1st great war, He contracted trench feet and was laid up for a long time. He never got back to the actual fighting again, but he had to carry food to the trenches, which was just as dangerous. He had several flesh wounds in his hands and knee. When the war was over, he came to Canada, where he started a barber shop at once. His family joined him a year after, three more children were born in Cardston, Alberta, Canada. He had a bad case of tuberculosis which was cured by the priesthood. He then became a janitor at the town hall, and the Royal Bank. He left that to go back to what he had always loved, gardening and greenhouse work at the Temple grounds. He also had two large greenhouses of his own, and sold plants in the Spring. He became ill with a bad case of cancer, and had to give up all his work. He died 20 July 1955. Alfred, joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in 1916.