Salway Family Stories

Salway Family Stories

St.-Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands

Another adventure my brother and I (Charles Rowe) would like to hear Father tell. The ship he was sailing in had long been becalmed, no wind came to fill the sail and the ship just drifted. They were running short of food and their water had all gone. Father had...

Alfred’s Onions

Knows His Onions My great grandfather Alfred Salway had a successful greenhouse in Cardston, Alberta. Here is a newspaper article from the Lethbridge Herald Thursday, November 23, 1944. It is ironic that I do not like onions so it must not be genetic.

St Peter Port, Guernsey

It had not been my father’s plan to go to Jersey when he did, they had intended to emigrate to Australia, taking advantage of an easy emigration, but after they had packed all their goods, and were all ready to go, the emigrations stopped, so we just crossed over to...

Charles LeBoutillier Rowe

Charles LeBoutillier Rowe as told by his daughter Eva Mary Rowe Salway. Charles LeBoutillier Rowe, was born 18 July 1865 in Jersey, Channel Island. Probably in the town of Grouville, his father was Thomas Rowe, son of Benjamin and Mary Doncaster Rowe of Tavistock, Devonshire, England. His mother was Mary...