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Another adventure my brother and I (Charles Rowe) would like to hear Father tell. The ship he was sailing in had long been becalmed, no wind came to fill the sail and the ship just drifted. They were running short of food and their water had all gone. Father had a cup of tea one morning, he drank half the tea and shaved himself with the other half. As the ship drifted they spied out a distant shore with a strong spy glass. They noticed a small inlet, and the captain thought they would find fresh water, so the sailors manned a boat and rowed off for the inlet Charles, was with them, they rowed up the stream through a matted jungle, the trees in many placed arched the stream, it was very beautiful. Finally they reached the source and found plenty of fresh water. They filled their tubs and buckets, and wandered around a bit, gazing at the beauty and winders around them. They also picked a lot of fruit to take back to the ship. There were coconuts but they grew too high, then as it was growing late they returned to the boat only to find it high and dry. They had come up a tidal stream that dried as the tide went low, here was a predicament, they saw all around them animals foot prints where the beasts came at night to drink. The sailors gathered up great piles of wood while it was yet light, to make a ring of fire around them to keep away the animals. They emptied their tubs and buckets to use as drums, and they shouted and bawled and banged their drums to frighten the animals. They could see pairs of bright eyes glaring at them all around. Monkeys in coconut trees near pelted them with coconuts. All night the men kept up this din, and burned their fires, by morning the animals went away. The water came back and floated their boat, they filled the utensils with water again. Half way down the stream they met the captain and other sailors coming to look for them, for he had been very anxious about them all night. Once while sailing in a dense fog, the captain could not tell where they were, and the ship drifted. When the fog arose, they found they were coming out of a narrow passage, very rocky, between the islands of Herm and Jethow, off the coast of Guernsey, Channel Island. No ship would dare make the passage and they had come through it in the fog. When father was courting mother, he had to walk far out into the country to take her home. The village boys did not like the town boys courting their village girls so Charles always carried with him a loaded stick, as he might be waylaid. One night he saw what he thought was a head peeping over a fence at him. Thinking it was an enemy, he said, “what do you want?” No answer came, so Charles walked over clutching his stick, still the figures did not move, so Charles gave it a tremendous whack with his stick, and he found he had attacked a stone ball, that ornamented the gate post of a gentleman’s estate. They married, but I must leave the account of their marriage to mother’s story. When they married father left the sea, and joined with an old boy friend of his, Adolph Rogers in a watchmaking business. Father would go from house to house gathering watches for repair and take them to Rogers. After awhile he left Rogers and with his wife and 2 children to Jersey. Adolph Rogers prospered in his business and wrote to Jersey for father to come back to Guernsey and manage his jewelry store. Father did so and managed the business for 20 years. It had become the largest business of it’s kind in the British Isles.