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Eleanor Caroline Kington was born 18 April 1848 at Garden Grove, Somerset, Iowa, the daughter of Thomas and Margaret Piezel Kington. Her father was a Patriarch of the LDS church in Wellsville, Utah. He gave John Redford his first Patriarchal blessing.

She was baptized a member of the LDS Church in 1856. She met and married John Eckersall Redford 5 Feb 1865. The couple were married in Wellsville by Richard Brenchley. They lived with his father for a short time, then moved to a log house that John and his brother built for them.

A son, John Ephriam Kington Redford, was born to the couple on 25 January 1866. When the baby was a few months old, Eleanor chased after a cow and calf that had strayed into one of the fields. Her feet were bare and she contacted pneumonia and passed away July 10, 1866. She was buried in the Wellsville cemetery. Her mother took the baby and raised him until she died in 1883. Eleanor and John were sealed together 13 January 1878.


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