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Owen Redford on back row fourth from the left

Softball was a favorite sport in the spring and summer months, and every small town around had a ball diamond. Many of the towns had their own ball teams that went from town to town, competing with each other. Some even have their own uniforms. Members of the teams would work hard all day, and then hurry and have a quick supper and then off to play ball. The Leavitt people loved ball and came out to support and cheer them on. The wards traveled around to play against each other. If there wasn’t a game scheduled, and they felt like playing, they’d call a couple of families and they’d all meet at the diamond and play. There were many impromptu games played with a ball of string for the ball and a broom handle for a bat. Later, larger bats were carved and eventually, real bats and balls were used. Danish ball was also played with a ball made out of rolled up stockings stitched with yarn.

Leavitt, “The Valley I Call Home 1893-2018-Published by Leavitt Community History Committee 2018