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My grandparents, Francis Greenwood Broadbent, who was born the 28th day of April 1839 at Manchester, England and Sarah Frances Taylor Steers who was born the third day of December 1838 at Sullivan County New York and were married the 24th day of December 1860 at Salt Lake City after crossing the plains by handcart they settled in Wellsville, Cache County, Utah. Here they lived until 23 May 1893 when they left Wellsville for Canada. They had 2 covered wagons with 2 span of horses on one wagon trailing the other. They also had a democrat for the women to ride in. The wagons were loaded with a few household effects and provisions of food.

Their son, Charles, married Emmeline Painter on the third day of May before leaving and came with his parents. The company consisted of four women and four men. The men drove the wagons but Hiram, who was the youngest, drove the extra horses and the cattle.

They had many exciting experiences coming over the mountain trails. Many times the cattle stampeded and there were many rivers to ford there being only two bridges in all those many miles to travel.

When they reached the St. Mary’s River on the Canadian side of the border there was a police there to pilot them across. It seemed like the wagons were going upstream and grandpa turned his horses but the police stopped him just as the team were about to plunge in a deep hole.

On the way up they shot partridge and prairie chickens to eat and on Sundays they rested.

They arrived in Cardston on the fifth day of July 1893 and Andrew Archibald invited them to make their camp on his lot and the next day he took grandpa to find a place to live and on the 10th day of July they moved to Buffalo Flats the place now known as Leavitt. The grass stood about as tall as a man.

The men went into the timber and got out logs and built a house that year. The next spring they built one for Charles.

Samuel Haslam came to Canada by train as far as Lethbridge and from there in a wagon with G.E . Cahoon in 1898 to Cardston. He married my mother, December 21, 1898, Eliza Charlotte Broadbent and Moroni Allen married her sister Maud the same day. Levi married Lettice Haslam, my father’s sister, November 25, 1896. Elijah left home before his parents came to Canada. He was one of my mother’s older brothers. He served in the war between the U.S. and the Philippines and for many years my grandparents never knew where he was. He now lives in California. He later married. Frances, an older sister, married Andrew Spence. He has since died but she too now resides in California. Hyrum, her youngest brother served in WWI afterward marrying Lorraine Smith in 1919 and they now reside in Arizona where he serves as a Patriarch to the Latter-day Saint Church.

My parents reared 10 children, five boys and five girls, my father died September 6, 1932 and my youngest brother Charles paid the supreme sacrifice in WWII in air operations over Berlin. One other brother Harold was also in WWII Air Force but he returned with a crippled back after serving in air transport from Cairo over Italy, Malta, Greece and Palestine.

My mother has visited in the U.S. many times visiting her brothers and sister and other relatives. Also visiting at the different temples in the U.S. as well as Cardston and doing a great deal of temple work. At present she is living with my brother Harold whose wife died in December 1946 leaving him with two small children, the baby just one month old at the time.

Added later: 31st of December 1970 mother has 159 descendants and she is now 93 years old.